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Walking Amsterdam

I think you'll all agree that BelAmi's cooperative efforts with Corbin Fisher have worked out very well indeed so George lined up another strong co-production project. This time it was with Cocky Boys from America. We met up in Amsterdam, that extremely peaceful and interesting city which has been a friend of gay people for many years. Cocky Boys sent over Johnny, Skyler and Jesse. Yes, that's the same Jesse you already know from an earlier trip to Manchester, the Jesse whom Luke was only too happy to have a sizzling foreign affair with.

I can tell you, all three Americans were really great characters and  I shot interviews with all of them that you'll see later.  This little project gave me a lot of pleasure and it's all done, cut, blow-dried and ready to go on the schedule.  It won't be long now.

From the B/A side of things to Amsterdam we sent along Todd, Manuel, Luke, Jean-Daniel, Sascha, Florian and Kris, a real stellar line-up.  The atmosphere during the shoot was, as usual, just fine and everyone was happy and relaxed. They all got along well together and I think part of it was that the city gave us a great feeling, just being there.

One day during our stay I took an opportunity to invite Florian and Kris along with Johnny, Jesse and Skyler to accompany me on a walk through Amsterdam.

I didn't have a lot of time with them because they had a very busy shooting schedule (you know how George keeps everyone's nose to the grindstone) but nevertheless we spent a few happy hours together and had a lot of fun being a special kind of tourist.

But enough of my useless words, my video will tell you a lot more.  It's available on

Take care my friends,


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XX Factor interviews Milo and Elijah

Let's start with some stats: age, height, weight and level of education.

Hi, I'm Milo. I'm almost 20. I'm 180cm (5-foot-11) tall and my weight varies from 77kg to 84kg (169-185 pounds), depending on my actual shape. I graduated successfully at technical college.

I'm Elijah and I'm 19. I'm 182cm (6 feet) tall and my weight is 80kg (176 pounds). I have a secondary school education finished with graduation.

Which of you is older? How much older?
Milo is exactly two minutes older.
milo and elijah

If we are watching you on film, who is Milo and who is Elijah? Who made up those names?
It's difficult to say. We know each other to the smallest detail, so we can tell who is who. But we can imagine our fans must have troubles to distinguish us. But, let me tell you a small secret. There is a slight difference between us if you observe us well ? when having a hard-on. Elijah's penis is curved to the left, while mine is bent to the right.

How did you become models for Bel Ami?
When we were younger, we knew straight away that we wanted to become gay porn actors. Once we turned 18 and became majors by law, we could start working on it. We don't remember exactly how it started. We just sent our pics to Bel Ami and very soon we attended our first casting.

When did you first feel a sexual interest in each other? When did you act on it?
We had our first sexual experience at the age of 15. However, we both are bisexual. Only a little later we found out that we are strongly attracted to each other. So we started fooling around with each other. But let me say, the older we get, the less interest in women we have.

To set the record straight, what will you do with each other sexually in private? What are you willing to do together on film, even if Bel Ami will not film it? Are you both sexually versatile?
We both love sex, that's for sure. We're very spontaneous and don't like to plan ahead. We just do whatever we feel doing and we always enjoy it. Except for really sick things, we don't mind doing anything. And we like the camera to be at it.

What are some of the reactions you have gotten from others about your sexual behavior with each other? Do people relate to you differently when they discover that the two of you have had sexual experiences together?
Well, sadly enough, once people find out we like each other and that we have sex together, they always act in a very negative way. They laugh at us and spread the gossip. But we don't care about them, the main thing is we feel comfortable and happy.

Do you know any other relatives ? cousins, brothers, twins, etc. ? who have had sexual relationships?
No, never heard of anyone.

About a year ago, I interviewed several directors who have worked with brothers. In the 1970s, American studios were not afraid of incest, but today they are. One American director knows two cousins who want to film a scene together, but his lawyers will not permit it. Same for a director in Rio de Janeiro with a pair of twins. William Higgins, in Prague, is the only director today who is unafraid in that regard. Will George Duroy ever market a film in which the two of you suck and fuck? Would you do that onscreen?
We have absolutely no problem having sex with each other in front of the camera. If we ever get a chance to film everything and make a good movie, we're definitely into it! Our only concern is that people enjoy such kind of movie.

What are your shared and independent interests outside of adult entertainment?
We do everything together. We

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